Corporate Information

Manya Krobo rural bank was established in 1978 by the Krobo women association as a community bank at Abanse in Manya Krobo district of the eastern region of Ghana.

The bank was the 5th rural bank to be licensed under the law of Ghana.

Over the past 37 years the bank has grown from a single branch to five self-accounting branches.

In 1998, the bank was adjudged the best managed rural bank in Ghana.

In 2001, the bank was admitted into the Prestigious Ghana Club 100; a grouping of the best performing companies in Ghana.

The bank’s mission is to collaborate with development partners in the communities in which the bank operates to confront developmental challenges facing the rural poor through financial intermediation while protecting the interest of the other stakeholders.

To achieve its objectives bringing economic development to the rural population,  the bsnk mobilizes savings from the rural communities and channels them into productive ventures through loan to farmers, fishermen, traders, and micro enterprises.

A major shift in the bank has been into micro finance, which has been identified as a poverty reduction tool and enterprise solution to social problems like HIV, AIDS, Drug Abuse, Streetism and illiteracy.

Facilities are extended to mostly women and a level of economic independence and empowerment has been achieved for women in the banks catchment area.